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Amornaree Nookrud
  Managing Director

All people working here are different style. Absolutely they’re very happy to join here. @Future2you we have the big vision and passion to transform these dream into reality. We all doing big things, making different and improve strategic to be great performance of Value Added Services Aggregation in Thailand "

Nattapat Rodchang
  IT Manager

" My Goal to be the First Class Leader of Mobile Billing Gateway in Thailand with high definition of my mobile platform experience more than 10 years. I love great frameworks and the challenge of creating something unique for my clients. As an IT Manager work with excellence team everyday training them with how      values added to client that come from my experience."


Siriluck Bussara
  Product & Content Management

"When I first time at Future2you, people here make me feel at home. I could focus my energy on developing new media and improvement myself. Future2you has given me the perfect opportunity to succeed.Let’s say”Everyone is different lifestyle. That you can be what you need."

Petecharat Chukhwan
  Senior Software Engineer and System Analyst

"New experiences in my life.It’s mean Life is always looking for something new”. “I have a lot of opportunities     to develop myself in many ways. I work among a very good team. I look forward to working with Future2you every day. I am so proud to be a member of Future2you Family; my second home”.


Chonticha Tongsakon
  Marketing Admintrator

" Colleagues here (F2U) makes me feel great. We know all about job strategy and encourage. Thank you for making me feel like that. About my career field, @Future2you, can give me all I can do, treat me best role. I'm enjoy, excited about all the time while working here. Also learn more how to get more developed company’s profit.

Pkpoom Matayamanggoon
  Software Engineer

“ F2U give chance to me doing what I dream to be,  I’m so happy while working with best colleague; At Future2you, give me more knowledge that can lead to self-development.


Porntip Khok-Khao
  Customer Support

" Three years to the day that I had never changed to this day. It was a wonderful day the time I work here." When I first joined@ Future2you, I was impressed by warm welcomes and support from my team.

Rawadee Kokaew
  IT Support & Tester

“Sometimes hurt is needed to make us grow,
Failure is needed to make us know
And loss is needed to make us gain.
Because life's greatest lessons are
Usually taught through a little bit of pain "



Sirinapha Ramrouy
  Customer Support

"If you always do what interests you, then at least one person is pleased."



Pimporn Yokponnives
 Customer Support

" I would say that I really love F2U very much so much     that you can feel from my eyes how happiness. Future2you make me love to be served best Customer Support with mind service. This is a key role where I   was responsible. I'm willing and happy to do so. "

Simonrujee Inthip
  Customer Support
“ ActuallyI am freshly here but I feel like I have been here long time, I found that all interested in job field. At Future2you there is good teamwork amongst staff, and my supervisor is always there to support and encourage my team’s performance. I also get the chance to develop myself by any means to help get the best results at work”