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     If you’re looking for an efficient way to deliver content to mobile devices in Thailand, then Future2you has the solution for you. With over a decade of experience in the Thai mobile content industry, we are fully capable to provide you with the right knowledge and guidance to give your business a fast and smooth market entry.

     Through our secure and trusted billing platform, you can easily manage every aspect of the content distribution process, such as the uploading and sending of content. In addition to that, our platform offers full reporting, providing you with a clear overview of all the detailed information that is important for the success of your business.

     Our connections communicate with uncomplicated Application Programming Interfaces (API), which forward messages instantaneously to the end-users. These straightforward interfaces allow easy connection of external servers to our SMS gateway, enabling you to deliver your messages to the Thai market.

     Future2you is directly connected to all the major Telcos in Thailand (AIS, Dtac, Truemove & Truemove H), facilitating your business to tap into their combined 75million mobile phone users. Our system can process incoming purchase requests originating from various platforms (IVR, SMS, WAP) and allows distribution of content via WAP push or SMS for manual downloading by the customer.

General Information on Thailand
Population:          64.3 million
Currency:            Thai Baht (THB)

              Mobile operators
    » AIS
    » DTAC

    » SMS
    » IVR
    » WAP

           Billing Service Type
    » MO
    » MT
    » WAP

 Our Gateway supports Application  Programming Interface (API)