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    Future2youis Service Provider who provides the Mobile Value Added Servicesin Thailand. Our secure platform will aggregate your single connection to multiple operators. We offer different types of aggregation APIs depending on client’s needs and with our professional technical support team will make you easy to have connection &services up whereever you are.

                   Channel                         Billing Service Type                                   Service Categories
                       SMS                                                  MO                                      Subscription                         Content delivery                        IVR                                                    MT                                      Single downloads                  SMS Campaigns                        WAP                                                 WAP                                                                     Quiz
   Short Code Provisioning
    We offer dedicated short code especially for you without of charge. Therefore you can optimize and customize your marketing campaign as you want.
   Statistics Report
    Real-time online reporting, you are able to track your traffic trend such as how many sales, billable, etc., per daily/weekly/monthly and also you can track deep down to per each service type, categories, price etc. By our CMS, you have all required to analyze to achieve of your marketing campaign.
   Technical Support
    We provide expert support that you can’t get anywhere else and also always make every effort possible to resolve the issues as fast as we can. We offer support for any technical assist over phone, Skype, or just drop us an e- mail and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
   Customers Support
    You no need to worries about compliant complain, our Call Center Team will take care your customers as our own customers, all of customer transactions are stored in our call center systems, it made the issued will be quickly solved. So you do what you do best and leave this kind of stuff to us.