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     With Future2you, we cover a range of Mobile Billing solutions for MO, MT,WAP Billing with all Mobile Network Operators in Thailand


         • Multimedia                                              • Lifestyle                                              • Information
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               »Graphic                                                      »Love & Sex Tips

   Media Channel
 SMS Bulk Broadcast  Text message can be only 70 characters long and texts must be approved form Telcos
 Print media  Can be new papers, gossip magazine, these can be subscribe via IVR,SMS
 Cable TV, Satellite TV  Can be slide show or verity show and these can be subscribe via IVR,SMS
 Mobile Internet Advertising  CPC ,CPA,CPM and these can be subscribe via WAP

     We will pay you within 15 days after we have received the money from mobile operators, The payout cycle will be about 3 months process ,that means the revenue you earned from your services in January will be transferred to you in a middle of April,after that you would receive each month.

   Rules and Restrictions

     The content and service must be comply withTelcosTerms of Service, Thai legal acts and good morals.
     The end user price and instruction of use the services must be clearly stated in the advertisement. Adult and gambling services are strictly forbidden.